For Restaurants

  • Online Order Menus
  • QR Code Menus
  • Digital Display Menus
  • Digital Gift Cards
  • Websites

For Retailers

  • eCommerce
  • Digital Gift Cards
  • Customer Service Portals
  • Same-day Shipping Integration
  • Websites

For All Service Providers

  • Custom Job Calculators
  • ‘Smart’ Appointments
  • Digital Gift Cards
  • Websites

For Healthcare Providers

  • ‘Smart’ Appointments
  • Clinical Mgmt Systems
For Non-Profits
  • Websites
  • Donations

What are Toolz?

Toolz are pre-packaged, modular software components we integrate to achieve unbeatable time-to-market and cost-effectiveness for you. See for yourself how our Toolz can turbo-charge your business.

  • Increase revenue
  • Increase customer base
  • Increase customer retention
  • Provide pricing insight
  • Build your Contingency channel
  • Streamline operations

Toolz Detailz

Why Choose Us and Our Toolz?

The Features You Need

Our Local Biz Toolz are chosen based on our years working with local businesses. We understand the need to find balance in your life while running a small business. That's why our Toolz are minimally intrusive and maximally effective.

Affordable & Easy to Use

We respect your tight margins and recognize the importance of your local business as part of the backbone of your community. We'll work with you to package the user-friendly features you need into affordable empowerment and transformative opportunity.

Personalized Service

Take advantage of our local, Jersey focus and our personalized service. We're not a build-it-and-wave-goodbye firm that foists a one-size-fits-all website onto you. Our low prices and managed hosting mean we're invested in your long-term success.

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