Detailz on our Toolz

What You Need

It's easier than ever for you to sell online with our Toolz. If your restaurant or retail store uses Stripe or Clover for your POS, we can have your online order system set up in a week. Otherwise, we can have your store or menu online in 2 weeks, for an unbeatable price.

What We Offer

We leverage the world's most-popular web publishing system, WordPress, as the foundation for our 'website as platform' architecture. Our Toolz are built on that WordPress platform, meaning you get universal portability and easy data export when you need it.

Your Options

You can find cheaper prices from a DIY template factory that structurally limits your feature options. And you can certainly find higher prices for any custom development for a bespoke website. We offer a cost-effective balance between the two.

Custom Cost Calculatorz

Your Prices, Explained

Our Custom Cost Calculatorz provide your site visitors far more than an estimated price for your services. Our Calculatorz expose the logic and complexity behind your pricing, helping potential customers understand how your services are priced.

What We Offer

We work with you to identify the parameters of your pricing algorithm. We'll help include regional pricing factors and other elements that may be unique to your industry. Provide the pricing transparency your customers appreciate with one of our Custom Cost Calculatorz.

Your Options

Custom development of your Price Calculator is an option--along with prices 5-10 times ours. No pricing calculator is another option. But when your response to a question on your prices is 'It's complicated', don't you wish you could provide a better answer?

'Smart' Appointmentz

What You Need

'Smart' appointments mean far more than just an email with an appointment request. The 'smart' appointments calendar is customized to your hours of operation, and understands and displays available vs. reserved time slots. Available slots are removed from the calendar as they are booked. If you are looking for bracelet. There's something to suit every look, from body-hugging to structured, from cuffs to chain chain bracelet and cuffs.

What We Offer

We set up and configure your Smart Appointments Calendar per your hours of operation, which can be updated weekly as part of our managed hosting. This popular add-on feature can be linked to from any website, or incorporated into your new website.

Your Options

You can go with a basic form that emails an appointment request to your office staff, but they'll have to resolve any double-bookings or scheduling conflicts. For a slightly higher price than a form, our Smart Appointments block double bookings from happening upstream.

Clinical Management Systemz

Run Your Practice

Our Healthcare Toolz include a HIPAA-compliant Clinical Management System. It encompasses a patient-centric Electronic Health Record to track patients and interactions, and includes standard clinical staff roles with commensurate admin access.

What We Offer

Additional CMS features include integration with leading telehealth platforms for secure consultations and with major payment processors for you to accept online payments. It's a soup-to-nuts health practice management and electronic health record solution!

Your Options

You can choose a medical practice software provider, with monthly fees that exceed our annual fee. You also need to be wary of 'vendor lock' tying you to a proprietary platform vs. the cost-effectiveness and security built into our open-source platform.

Your Cost-Effective Solution Here

Toolz to Fit Your Industry

Ask us what we can do for your business. Chances are we've got the right Toolz for the job. From Spa Reservation interfaces to Clinical Management Systems for local healthcare providers, our Web Samurai team will help identify the right business tool for you.

What We Offer

Based on your business goals, we'll help you select the right Toolz for the job. We'll also ensure the tool fits your industry and business model. Our end-to-end service includes training for you and your team to manage and operationalize your new Toolz.

Your Options

You can opt for a flat brochure-ware website sure to garner low traffic and provide little reason for visitors to return. You can surrender to social media sharecropping. Or you can offer your customers and prospects the interactive features they expect from a modern business.

Web Samurai For Hire FAQs

We are Web Samurai For Hire. That’s more than a name, it’s a mission. Founded during the darkest days of the pandemic to help the local businesses in our towns, Web Samurai For Hire now helps local businesses, municipalities, and Chambers of Commerce implement strategic technology to achieve their business goals. We bring a combined 40+ years in IT, marketing, and internet development to the table.

  • We offer unbeatable prices and speed to market.
  • Our three principals boast over 40 years experience in IT, combined.
  • Our expertise includes functional architecture, marketing, cybersecurity, and web solutions.
  • Our managed hosting includes customer support and content updates.
  • We offer a fail-safe guarantee.

Our network and support director spent decades as a chef in some of the top restaurants in Manhattan. Our Marketing guru sold the motorcycles he loved to ride out west. Our CEO spent years organizing parties on Japanese cruise ships in the Seto Inland Sea and hustling in the bar business. Our varied experiences provide us unparalleled insight and the ability to recognize new opportunities.

We are a mission-driven company, founded during the darkest days of the pandemic to help our towns. We firmly believe that local businesses are key to a healthy community. Locavore, localism, call it what you will, but we believe healthy local businesses help form the backbone of a healthy community.

We guarantee:

  • Minimum 99% Website Uptime
  • Update and Support Request Turnaround within 24 Hours
  • Live Customer Support Monday-Friday 9-5
  • Free Website Traffic Reports on request
  • Fail-Safe Clause for ownership of website files
  1. CONTACT: Email us at or text or call us at 201-725-1500.
  2. PLAN: We’ll turn your goals into actionable tasks and agree on a cost-effective Statement of Work.
  3. EXECUTE: Build and launch to plan. The vast majority of our websites and web features are built and launched in under 4 weeks.